spanish courses for teenagers

Spanish and English Courses for Teenagers

spanish and english courses for teenagers

Spanish 2 Enjoy presents a wide range of Spanish courses for young students focused on getting the most out of a great educational program, which combine a wide range of activities, that complement and consolidate what they have learned in class.

The Programs offer an unforgettable journey where language learning is encouraged and also help them grow and live.

From cultural sightseeing programs, through courses that fuse sports and Spanish classes, to a family immersion for an authentic Spanish experience.



Our Family Immersion programme is designed for students who wish to come to Spain independently and to live with a Spanish family.

This programme enables the student to become integrated into the Spanish way of life and live the culture, as well as to practise the Spanish language in a natural way. Spanish families are well-known for their hospitality and friendly nature.

It is an effective system, since our students spend day after day listening to the language that they want to learn, in the most varied situations. Not only the language, but also the culture, the customs and the history of the country end up forming part of the baggage that students take back home with them. We should not ignore the personal evolution experienced by each student.

The profile of the host families we look for are families who want to live the experience of hosting an international student and are willing to share their time with the student. Hence, the integration is easier as well as the linguistic immersion. Weekly, the family will do two half-day and one full-day activity with the student.

Taking part in an immersion programme is a challenging and unforgettable experience for both students and host families.



  • Dates: All year              
  • Length of course: 2  or 3 weeks
  • Levels: All levels
  • Lessons/week: Optional
  • Ages: 10 - 17
  • Transfer from/to VLC airport: Included
  • Accomodation: Homestay (FB)

Valencia Summer Camp is designed for international students aged 13 to 17 who want to improve their Spanish language while getting to know the Spanish lifestyle and culture. The programme will take place in a school in Valencia, one of the most attractive cities in Spain for its Mediterranean climate and wide range of attractions.

The VSC combines the experience of family immersion, language lessons and cultural activities. International students will stay at Spanish families, have language classes divided by language skills and a full programme of activities.

Students will have 16 lessons of 45 minutes per week. To ensure optimal learning conditions, there will be a maximum of 12 students per class. Classes are divided by language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension) plus one hour of Spanish culture. Apart from holding a university degree in language teaching, our Spanish teachers are highly professional, experienced and passionate.

The activites in Valencia Summer Camp will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm. On Fridays, there will be a one-day trip from 10am to 5pm.

Sample of activities:

  • Team Building: “Capture the Flag”, treasure hunts, games, quizess, beach activities...
  • Sports: football, basketball, volleyball, salsa, yoga, hip-hop...
  • Workshops: DIY, photography, Valencian paella, drama...
  • Cultural visits: Bioparc, Oceanográfic, Science Museum, History Museum...
  • Voluntary service: Food pantry, children camp...
  • Full day excursion: Lake Anna, Calpe and Guadalest, Sagunto, Cullera…



One aspect to highlight of our VSC programme are the host families. They do their best to make sure the guest-student participates in their everyday activities, sharing with them cultural and gastronomical experiences. After one week full of activities in the VSC, the host families themselves insisted to be given the chance to spend the whole weekend with their guest-studentsthemselves; and that is because they have numerous plans prepared for them ranging from meals with friends, to trips to other beautiful destinations in Spain. The international students might soon understand and borrow the tradition of having a nap after the typical paella on Sundays. What is sure is that their level of Spanish will improve in a natural and pleasant way.

Another aspect to highlight is that 90% of the host families have children of a similar age to the international students and they also participate in our VSC. This fosters a good relation between the guest-students and their host families, which sometimes results in a close and long-lasting relation.

The families undergo a process of selection. They are personally interviewed by our staff and their houses are inspected to make sure they meet our standard of excellence. A maximum of 2 students of different nationality can be placed with each family. The international students have their own room or they share with the family’s children. Under request, we can place two students of the same nationality together.

Our goal is for the students to achieve learning the language by experiencing the Spanish culture and, of course, VSC would not be the same without the unique and enriching moments that each student shares with their host-families.



  • Dates: July
  • Levels: All levels
  • Ages:  13- 17
  • Length of course: 1 to 4 weeks
  • Lessons/week: 16
  • Class Size: Max. 12
  • Accommodation: Homestay (FB)
  • Activity Programme (per week): 3 half-day / 1 full-day
  • Transfer from/to VLC airport:  Included


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The Working Experience programme is designed for school students who want to gain hands-on experience, develop their language knowledge and explore one of the most attractive cities in Spain.

The aim of the programme is for the students to put into practise everything that they have learnt by using their language skills in real life situations when interacting with native Spanish speakers.

Work placements will be organised for the students during their stay according to their interests. The typical placements are: nurseries, shops, hostels, restaurants, language centres and schools. At their workplace, not only will they practise their language skills but also improve their life skills and selfconfidence.

After their working hours, the students will have the opportunity to explore the city of Valencia and enjoy the Spanish culture.

The accommodation can be arranged by Spanish2Enjoy in our own residence or homestays.



  • Dates: All year
  • Levels: +A2
  • Ages:  16-18
  • Length of course:  min. 1 week
  • Accommodation: Homestay / Residence (HB)
  • Transfer from/to VLC airport:  Included 

This programme gives teachers the opportunity to get experience and additional training in the education field.

Once selected, the candidates will complete a period of four wee- ks of voluntary traineeship with Spanish2Enjoy in Valencia. The teachers will gain the necessary capability and skills to demostrate that they can work in a Spanish teaching environment. Before the placement, we will prepare the participants, offering them a training programme that has been developed to take advantage of the students’ latent knowledge and to help them gain the know-how to manage in the Spanish Education system.

This project will give the trainees the opportunity to develop themselves as teachers in a guided and supported environment.

The Teaching Experience is available for any teacher who wants to take part in this experience either if the participant is a current teacher, a university student or has a professional certificate as CELTA or TESOL.

The placements are carried out in schools in Valencia, selected based on their academic quality and methodology. A school tu- tor will be assigned to assure the integration and the success of this experience.

If the students need language support, Spanish2Enjoy academy offers an optional Spanish course to develop the language skills necessary to deal with this programme.




  • Dates: July
  • Levels: A1+ (Spanish) Pre-Pet (English)
  • Ages: +16
  • Lenght: 4 weeks
  • Lessons/week: 20
  • Classroom size: Max. 12
  • Accomodation: Family immersion (FB)